Alvis Speed 25 DHC – 1936

Drophead with Charleswood body, ideal pre-war rally car.
175.000,- euro

Deze Alvis Speed 25 Drophead met Charleswood body is een bekende op het Nederlandse rally circuit. Na de restauratie in 2009 heeft de eigenaar diverse internationale rally’s gereden in o.a. Scotland, de Benelux, Duitsland, Frankrijk en Italie. Met enkele aanpassingen haalt de auto 158 hp op de testbank.

De Charlesworth carrosserie met nummer 14.126 werd in 1939 op het chassis met nummer 13.333 geplaatst. De oldtimer staat nu op Nederlands kenteken.

This Alvis Speed 25 Drophead with Charlesworth body is a very well known car in Holland. After restauration in 2009 the car was used in a number of international rally’s in Scotland, Brittain, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy anf of course in Holland. The very fast car had never any breakdown, and is still in very good condition.

A number of usefull improvements showed a healthy 158 hp at the wheels on the testbed!

– Aluminium head with stellite seats for unleaded fuel
– Thin-shell bearings and special pistons c.r. 1:8,5
– Enlarged oilpump for steady pressure 50 lbs and pressurized oilfeed to camshaftbearings
– External oilfilter
– Leakproof HD-6 carburettors
– Aluminium radiator with electric fan and overflow tank
– Electronic 1-2-3 ignition
– Lightened flywheel
– Homokinectic coupling between engine and gearbox
– Differential gear 1:3,7 (inst. of 4,11)
– Modern shockabsorbers at front
– Alternator next to original dynamo

Charlesworth body nr. 14.126 was original on chassis 13.350 from December 1936. Chassis 13.350 was used for a Special, the Charlesworth body was placed on chassis 13.333 from Januari 1939 and had British registration EZ 6020.
After restauration in Holland the car with chassis 13.333 and body 14.126 received Dutch registration AM-92-62.
Last year the special exhaust was replaced by a less noisy near-standard exhaust, still giving a healthy 150 hp.


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